What does sleep look like?
The human spends one third of his lifetime sleeping. During this time the body rests and our minds drift away into a dream world. As we already are used to track our sport-, drinking- or whatever behavior, the humankind also tracks his sleep. While in this stage the human does only communicate by automated body functions, such as heartrate, breathing or movements unconsciously made when sleeping. This project analyzes sleep data tracked by a Fitbit HR alta. It focuses on the visualization of the data by transforming collected data to different shapes. By looking at the composition you will get an impression of how good your night’s sleep was.
The visualization itself is focused on the idea of how dreams feel and look like. So, on one hand you got small dribbles representing the time that passes by, on the other hand you got short lines which are showing the intensity of sleep phases you are going through in one night. One big geometrical form taking over a bigger part in the composition represents the disruption of your sleep by movements.
Length of sleeping period
Amount of rem sleep
Amount of unconsciously made movements
during night time
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For the second part of the project, we made a knitted blanket out of the data visualizations. As a further step in the project, the tool can be used to memorize special events by translating data to a knitting pattern, that allows you to wear your memories.
iss dini decki iss dini decki
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